USC @ Masters in Teaching Online

MAT @ USC among Online Teaching Degrees

The University of Southern California Rossier School of Education introduced an online Master's in Teaching Degree that is an excellent example of a respected traditional university taking a proactive approach to online education and succeeding. The program is designed for licensed teachers who want to upgrade their teaching credential, as well as for professionals who hold a baccalaureate in a field other than education and wish to make a career change into teaching. The USC Rossier School of Education has responded to the changing needs in teacher education with a flexible, adaptive program that utilizes some impressive technology in order to make the online educational experience complete.

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Making the Online MAT work in Every State

The MAT@USC experience has in two short years become one of the best online options available in the U.S. for a teaching degree. One thousand students will have enrolled by June 2010. Because the university is in California the curriculum is designed to meet teaching licensure requirements for that state, but there are students enrolled in the program in 2010 from forty six of the fifty states. For the important work that involves classroom placement as a student, the university has put an administrative structure in place that assists students in other states at finding the appropriate classroom experience and getting the required internship hours.

Students who are considering enrolling in the MAT@USC from another state should take a careful look at what the requirements are for the teaching job they want to earn in the state where they wish to teach. It's important to align your MAT curriculum with state requirements for educational achievement which can differ from state to state and certainly from grade level to grade level. Working teachers who opt for the online program at USC will be familiar with licensing requirements in most instances and with the additional mentored classroom experience that might be required for an advanced teaching degree. Practicing teachers have an advantage in finding field placement opportunities for a new teaching specialization, but in any case the Rossier faculty and staff are prepared to assist out-of-state students.

Single Subject Teaching Degrees

The online MAT program at USC provides specialization in social studies, mathematics, English, science, and multiple subject teaching. The multiple subject specialization is for elementary school teachers; the other specialization choices are subject to grade level specification. In the case of the sciences most MAT programs require a substantial amount of professional or undergraduate exposure to the field. Qualifying for a MAT in biology program requires several undergraduate courses in biology for example: the same applies to chemistry and physics. But for new teaching students who have had some academic experience and/or career experience in these fields the option of picking up additional undergraduate course in order to qualify for the MAT may be a reasonable option.

The MAT @ USC Technology

One of the unique aspects of this online MAT program is the software platform that was developed specifically for the university and its online graduate program in teaching. 2tor is an entrepreneurial firm that specializes in education applications and that entered into a partnership with the Rossier School of Education to develop the MAT online. The upshot is an online teaching platform that allows classes to meet using webcams on a screen that puts everyone's face in a checkerboard pattern. Students can interact with each other and the instructor, can meet in groups, and can access online presentations at will. The reviews from student participants indicate that the level of interactivity in this program makes the educational experience much more effective for faculty members and interesting for students.

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