10 iPhone Apps for Masters in Teaching Students

10 iPhone Apps for Masters in Teaching Students

Getting a Masters in Teachingis tough work, especially when you are trying to prepare for tests for yourself while also trying to learn how to prepare others for tests at the same time. This can create a high stress environment in which it is difficult to stay organized, so having a few easy to use applications for your iPhone to take some of the hassle out of life can really help. There are also a few applications you might want to become familiar with, as they can be used in the classroom once you become an educator. Here, we'll go over some of the best applications for aspiring teachers.

    • Dexy: Dexy is a freeform note organizer that allows you to quickly type notes and then find them again later. The application is designed for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, and is something of a spiritual successor to programs like QuickDEX for Macintosh. Dexy does not require that you give your notes titles or make folders, or choose where to put them, but instead allows you to create a new card, type a quick note, and be on your way. Later, when you want to find the note, you can type in words from the note and Dexy will locate notes with matching words for you. The app also lets you use the iPhone in a landscape profile for easier typing, change the settings for the font and display, and much more.

    • Omnifocus: Omnifocus is the winner of multiple awards, including the Best iPhone Productivity Application Award at the WWDC 2008 Apple Design Awards. Omnifocus is designed to provide students and teachers alike with task management functionality, offering live, automatic syncing, custom action lists that rely on real world location, voice notes, image capture, and much more. The application can be used for everything from shopping lists to work agendas to studying schedules and more.

    • WeDict: WeDict is, essentially, a free dictionary program for the iPhone. It includes roughly one hundred and fifty thousand words in the WordNet 2.0 dictionary, making it a useful tool for preparing for vocabulary tests, looking up words quickly and easily when you would rather not interrupt a class, and so on.

    • Date Wheel: Date Wheel is a simple application that allows you to measure the time between dates in months, days, business days, and so on. This is perfect not only for organizing and planning, but also can be used to keep track of homework assignments both for yourself and future students.

    • BookShelf: BookShelf is an electronic book reader that is a great way to download and read electronic books with pictures in many different formats. Books can be read in either landscape or portrait mode, with the ability to lock modes for easier reading. Bookmarks can be added to documents, and a simple auto scrolling function makes it easy to read hands free. There are even color schemes for text and background color, different fonts and font sizes available, and total offline usage.

    • Word of the Day: Word of the Day is a fun application that you can use in the classroom, or to expand your own vocabulary. This app is useful not only for studying for graduate level language tests with vocabulary sections, but for preparing yourself for the English aspect of teaching in a classroom.

    • Birthdays in History: This is another fun application that can be used every day in a classroom. It provides the names and biographical information of famous people born on the current date in history, and also allows you to look up the birth dates of a large number of famous figures.

    • Wikipanion: Wikipanion is the extension of Wikipedia onto the iPhone, and provides you with full access to the extent of the collective knowledge on Wikipedia. Perfect for preparing for tests, doing research, and getting extra information in the classroom.

    • EngLits: EngLits is an excellent way for students to prepare for exams, essays, and more by providing detailed information on and summaries of a large number of classical literature from Shakespeare to Dickens to Tolstoy.

    • Words of the World: Words of the World is a fun tool for teaching kids a new word in six different languages every day. This application builds vocabulary not only in English, but in Spanish, Italian, German, French, and Russian as well! Perfect for introducing students to other languages and cultures.