South Carolina Teacher Careers, Certification & Salaries

South Carolina has a population of about 4.6 million, much of it clustered in the Charleston and Columbia metro areas and in the cities that are close to metro areas in the adjoining states of North Carolina and Georgia. There are also a number of coastal communities that have become popular tourist destinations, helping to encourage population growth there. There are dozens of school districts, but many of them are divisions within a county; Anderson County, for instance, has five numbered districts within its borders. The cities and coastal enclaves support some of the stronger school districts; there are still some very poor rural areas in the state where teaching can be a challenge.

South Carolina Teacher Salaries

The state ranks 33rd among the fifty states and the District of Columbia for teacher salaries. Based in data from 2009 the average salary for a teacher in South Carolina was $47,421.1 The Charleston County School District is the second largest in the state, with over 44,000 students in eighty schools and several specialized programs.