School Rankings

Master in Teaching School Rankings

The widely quoted source for college rankings is the US News and World Report annual survey of US universities (U.S. News, 2012), colleges and graduate schools. Our list of schools for the best Masters in Teaching schools is drawn from this survey's review of graduate programs in education.

The Master in Teaching programs that have sprung up around the country generally have two purposes: to provide working teachers with a way to upgrade their credentials and to provide a degree program for college graduates with a degree other than education who are interested in teaching. Our list of programs delineates the schools with focused graduate level teaching degrees.

1. Columbia University Teachers College has the master's in teaching degrees scattered through an enormous catalog of educational options in the graduate degree catalogue.

2. Michigan State University offers a master's in teaching and curriculum program that for new teachers is a thirty credit curriculum and may require two years in school. 

3. University of Washington master's in teaching program may lead to licensure qualification for elementary school teachers and for secondary school teachers in a specific subject. 

4. University of Oregon has a pre-licensure teacher's program in graduate studies for elementary school teaching and for subject areas at the middle school and secondary school levels.

5. Johns Hopkins University offers the master's in teaching for primary school teaching, middle school and secondary school teaching, and for those who wish to specialize in teaching English to speakers of other languages (ESOL). 

6. University of California/Los Angeles has a master's degree program leading to licensure. There is also a program for undergraduate mathematics majors to begin their graduate studies leading to a master's degree and a teaching credential. 

7. University of Texas/Dallas offers the master's in teaching to those students who already are licensed as teachers and wish to upgrade their credential to advanced teaching status.

8. Ohio State University has a master of arts in the School of Teaching and Learning that is designed for working teachers who achieved their licensure with a bachelor's degree. 

9. University of Michigan has a master's degree in educational studies with several career track options. Those include working toward certification as an elementary school teacher, a secondary school teacher, an overall degree in teaching and learning, and a digital media & education option.

10. New York University offers the master's in teaching degrees with separate titles based on the field of teaching the student has selected. The master's degree for teaching social studies is a Master of Social Studies Education; for math it is the Master of Mathematics Education, and so forth.