Requirements for Masters in Teaching Degree Program

Degree Requirements

Masters in Teaching Degree Requirements

Because master's in teaching programs are designed for students with varying backgrounds the degree requirements may differ based on prior educational experience. There may also be changes in curriculum requirements based on the teaching interests of the student enrolled in the program. Students coming into a program for teaching high school math, for example, may find that there are some undergraduate classes which need to be completed either prior to enrollment or during the master's degree itself.

For New Teachers

Duke University is an example of a narrow program with concise and compressed academic requirements. The program offers only master's degrees in teaching for subjects in secondary school. 

Other programs for new teacher candidates may have broader requirements. Cornell University offers the masters in teaching for agricultural science, mathematics and science. Cornell graduates majoring in math or science may apply to the program in their sophomore year and by so doing, make sure that all undergraduate requirements are met for the graduate degree. 

The University of Minnesota/Mankato offers the masters in teaching for many teacher certification options including all of the sciences, social studies, health sciences, several languages, and visual arts. The curriculum may include human development & learning, media usage, reading in the middle & secondary school, and field work in both the first and second year.

For Working Teachers

Ohio State University offers the master's in teaching only to licensed teachers who have completed a bachelor's degree. The program is strictly for focus on advanced level teaching, may be with only four core course requirements.

New York University, on the other hand, has developed a Master of Arts in Social Studies Education.

University of Texas in Dallas has a master's in teaching program available both online and on campus for working teachers. The program is designed for working secondary school teachers, offering three tracks within the degree that loosely group history & philosophy; visual and performing arts, writing, and art history; and literature, language & rhetoric.