New Hampshire Teacher Careers, Certification & Salaries

New Hampshire Teacher Careers

New Hampshire has the healthiest economy of the Northern New England states, because of its friendly tax policies and because of its proximity to the Boston metro area. Thousands of Southern New Hampshire residents work in Massachusetts and raise their families in New Hampshire. The state education system is active in seeking innovative programs; the New Hampshire Department of Education has entered into a multi-state project funded in part by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a series of high school innovations that will assist students in preparing for college. The Department participates in a charter school program along with a few cooperative education facilities that have expense sharing arrangements with the state.

New Hampshire Teacher Salaries

Teacher salaries in New Hampshire are ranked as the 23rd highest among the fifty states and the District of Columbia. According to a 2009 survey the average salary for New Hampshire public school teachers was $49,872.1 In the states' largest city, Manchester, the salary for an educator with a master's in teaching and five years' classroom experience is $44,985; a teacher with a baccalaureate and five years' seniority is paid $41,108.