Kentucky Teacher Careers, Certification & Salaries

Kentucky Teacher Careers

The Kentucky Department of Education manages state mandated programs for curriculum and instruction, for special initiatives and for school budgeting. The Education Professional Standards Board sets the requirements for teacher certification, creates the classifications for area specialization and determines what the skills assessment and content knowledge exams will be. The Department is responsible for measuring student progress for any state mandated benchmarks as well as for federal programs such as the Race to the Top and preceding that, No Child Left Behind. Those two layers of state management frame the responsibilities for the school districts, but teacher hiring and professional development is essentially a district concern.

Kentucky Teacher Salaries

The State of Kentucky has an average teachers salary of $47,875, which places it in 31st place among the states and the District of Columbia for teacher compensation.1 The capital city Lexington is located in Fayette County, where the school district in 2010-2011 is paying an educator with a bachelor's degree and five years' experience a salary of $43,090; a master's in teaching and the same amount of experience rates a salary of $46,516. With ten years' experience the baccalaureate holder earns $49,239; the teacher with a master's degree earns $52,865.

Louisville's students attend Jefferson County Public Schools, which pays $42,592 to a teacher with a baccalaureate and five years' seniority; the teacher with a master's degree and five years on the job earns $46,708.