Alaska Teacher Careers, Certification & Salaries

Alaska Teacher Careers

About half of Alaska's 698,000 residents live in the Anchorage area; the rest are located along the southeast coast in Juneau, Ketchikan and nearby towns, and scattered across the state's massive land mass. It is easily the largest state in the nation with the lowest population density. Teachers in Alaska who are working outside of the metropolitan pockets are going to encounter cultural environments that are defined by the local Inuit tribal unit, of which there are several. Teaching in rural Alaska is not like teaching in a rural county in the Lower 48; many of these communities are accessible only part of the year by land. Alaska can also be an expensive place to live, although part of that is dictated by the community environment and availability of reasonable, affordable housing.

Alaska Teacher Salaries

The average teacher's salary in Alaska is ranked tenth highest among the fifty states and the District of Columbia.