Masters in Teaching for Undergraduates

Masters in Teaching for Undergraduates

Several of the universities who have developed a Master's in Teaching graduate program have coordinated with the undergraduate division and assembled an accelerated version of the MIT for students who intend to graduate with baccalaureate and apply for the graduate teaching program. The concept behind this degree is allowing students who can manage it to include a limited number of core courses from the MIT program in their class scheduled for their senior year. Students get a head start on the credit hours required for the MIT and in the process obtain initial exposure to graduate level work. They achieve completion of both degrees on a foreshortened schedule.

The approach is different at each school. The University of South Florida accelerated MIT program is open to undergraduates majoring in French, Latin, Spanish, or one of several interdisciplinary undergraduate majors. Those include degrees revolving around the natural sciences, geography, history and several social sciences. The only segment of the MIT program open to an accelerated schedule is secondary school teaching. By aligning undergraduate majors with high school teaching areas like chemistry, biology, social studies and history the undergraduate can ensure completion of all undergraduate prerequisites for an advanced teaching degree in the chosen academic field.

At Wheaton College in Illinois the accelerated MIT results in completion of the bachelor's degree and the MIT in five years plus one summer semester. Students who have selected a major that is one of the teaching disciplines must complete twelve credit hours in that subject above and beyond the undergraduate requirements, along with fifteen credits of professional education courses. Beyond those requirements is the student teaching obligation which can be completed in a semester.

Another approach to the accelerated MIT program may be found at Union Graduate College in New York. This program is also open only to MIT applicants who intend to teach high school courses in a specific subject such as physics or math and have majored in the relevant academic area. In order to enroll in the accelerated program a student must complete additional undergraduate prerequisites that include a course in educational psychology, one year of a foreign language, thirty credit hours in their major, and two weeks of "structured field experiences" while keeping a journal. That requirement amounts to observing in a public school classroom under supervision of the teacher. Both degrees are completed in five years, including school during the summer between completion of the bachelor's degree and the beginning of the master's program.

Johns Hopkins University provides an accelerated master's in teaching option for elementary school teaching, early childhood education, or secondary school teaching in English, Spanish, French, social studies, mathematics, and four sciences (biology, chemistry, earth/space/environmental science, and physics). Students may include up to twelve credits of graduate level classes in their undergraduate degree course schedule. The minimum requirement for a completed master' s in teaching is 39 credits, so students can put a significant dent in the graduate level courses while still at the undergraduate level.