9 iPad Apps Apt for Teachers

9 iPad Apps Apt for Teachers

The Apple iPad has revolutionized the way people use computers. It is a multifunction device unlike anything that has come before it. With beautiful resolution and top-quality hardware, it makes the perfect device for gaming, watching movies, reading books, and browsing the Internet. It has also turned out to be a wonderful device for educators and there are a host of specially designed apps that can be used by teachers to get the most out of their students and themselves. Following are some of the most useful apps that a teacher could put to work in a classroom.

    • Outliner for the iPad -This app allows a teacher to create to-do lists and organize tasks and projects. It is even possible to track an entire project from anywhere. A teacher can share outlines, edit them online, and even collaborate with other users. The app features the ability to create outlines for notes, tasks, and projects. A teacher can search all outlines or look for specific text within the current outline. Outlines and can be tagged and filtered based on tags, and notes can be added to different items. Drag and drop, copy/paste, and undo/redo are built into the app.

    • Sundry Notes -This app is a great multipurpose app for teachers. It supports images, text, tables, audio recordings, and even real-time Wi-Fi collaboration. It is also possible to sync the app wirelessly to the cloud so that the information is always available. A teacher can use this app to write text draw virtually anywhere on the notes, and quickly and easily grab images from the Internet. The app can also be used to import PDFs and to record audio. It is also easier than ever to stay organized with this app because it allows multiple notes to the open at once that can be easily searched through. Best of all, it is completely free.

    • DocsAnywhere -DosAnywhere is the ultimate app for teachers when it comes to viewing a number of document types on a variety of different devices. It can be used to copy documents to and iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch so that they can be viewed later. Because the documents are transferred safely over USB using iTunes 9.1 (or later), there is no need to worry about creating a wireless network or sending important documents over an unsecured network. DocsAnywhere supports PDFs, Rich text format, plain text, word, Excel, the most popular image formats, and HTML. Documents can be copied to a PC or mailed as an attachment.

    • Mathematical Formulas -This app is the perfect app for teachers who want quick and easy access to the different formulas required in mathematics. It can be difficult to remember all of the different formulas necessary for the variety of equations a teacher is likely to come across. One of the things that make this app so functional for teachers is the fact that it supports TV-out so that the formulas can be easily shared with students. The app contains all of the most fundamental functions necessary for a modern math class.

    • LanSchool Teachers Assistant -This is is a must-have for teachers looking to reduce student distractions. It can be used to limit the applications and web browsing abilities on student computers. By keeping a student's attention directed on the lesson, teachers can use this valuable app to keep their students on task and focused. The app can be used to monitor students activity by allowing a teacher to view all of the screens in the classroom as well is the website or application that is currently running. Teachers can also send messages to individual students or to an entire class. The app can also be used to poll students using multiple-choice questions or true false questions during a lecture. This app must be used with the LanSchool Teacher console.

    • The Elements -The Elements app is a revolutionary iPad app that brings the periodic table to life. Each one of the elements on the periodic table is brought to life by the app. Smoothly rotating samples provide an interactive way for both teachers and students alike to rotate a live object that they can examine from every side. The app even features 3-D visuals that, when paired with inexpensive 3-D glasses, allow the elements to pop off the screen in vivid, stunning detail. This app can be used by teachers to make the periodic table something that is as entertaining as it is educational.

    • Keynote -Keynote is an app for the iPad designed by Apple that can provide teachers with a fast and easy way to create, present, and share presentations. The app comes loaded with 12 themes that can be easily edited and customized with only a few touches of a finger. Adding photos is also a simple process and they can be masked, reflections can be added, or picture frames can be applied to really help them pop. Tables and charts can be edited right in the slides and information can be pasted from a number of other applications such as Mail, Safari, Pages, and Numbers.

    • PI83 Graphing Calculator -This ia great app which is often listed as a must-have application for students. Of course, students are not the only ones who can benefit from having a fully featured graphing calculator. With over 100 math functions, the PI83 Graphing Calculator completely replaces the Texas instruments T183 calculator in a simple to use and stunning app. The app also features timestamps on all screenshots making it the perfect application for test taking since teachers can check to see when the app was opened in order to make sure that students never leave the app in order to look up answers.

    • Pages -Pages is another app from Apple and is designed from the ground up to be the most beautiful word processor for any device. It can be used to create everything from reports to invitations to letters. The app comes preloaded with 16 different templates for designing invitations, resumes, flyers, and more. As with a typical word processor, the user can choose different fonts, backgrounds, and colors. The app automatically saves while is being used so that there is no need to worry about accidentally forgetting to save a document. It can also be used to insert photos, videos, tables, and even charts to a document.