9 Good Things about Teaching Jobs

9 Good Things about Teaching Jobs

Becoming a teacher is more of a calling that a job. It should come as no surprise that this career is not something that is meant for everyone. The truth is that many teachers fail to make it more than a few years due to the stress and responsibilities that come with this job. Fortunately, there are also a number of benefits that come from being a teacher that go well beyond the size of the paycheck. In order to take a look closer look at some of the more rewarding aspects of being a teacher, here are nine great things about teaching jobs:

    • The potential of each student is a powerful driving force. It is true, unfortunately, that not every student will succeed in school. Despite the best efforts from qualified teachers, some students simply do not reach their full potential. The flipside to this is that each new school year brings in new individuals that can be shaped and molded to become the best adults that they can be. A teacher has the rare opportunity to help a student truly blossom and fulfill their potential by challenging them and offering support when they need it. Helping these students reach their potential is one of the things that help teachers stay enthused about their jobs.

    • Along the same lines of each student's potential is helping students successfully grasp a concept. Teachers are there to help introduce students to new ideas and ways of doing things. Often times, it is difficult for some students to understand this new material which is why it is so rewarding when a teacher is able to get through to a student. The look on a child's face when an idea finally "clicks" is almost priceless. It is reassuring to a teacher every time this happens because it proves that they are doing what they were meant to.

    • Every day is an adventure. When a teacher is faced with a group of 15, 20, 25 or more unique individuals it is virtually impossible for things to go according to plan. This is one of the things that are often stressful to new teachers but it can also be a source of humor if a teacher has a positive attitude. There are probably few jobs in the world that are as equally loaded with sobering responsibility and with humor as teaching is. The way that students think and say things can bring a smile to even the most cynical of individuals.

    • There is no better way to learn about a subject than to teach it. A person who thinks that they know everything there is to know about a subject will only have to try and teach that subject to others before they come to the realization that they did not know as much as they may have thought. The best teachers are the ones who are dedicated to being lifelong learners. Many teachers find that it is not until they have been teaching a subject for several years that they fully and truthfully understand the subject.

    • A career as a teacher helps a person stay young. There is probably no better way to stay youthful and on top of the latest trends in fashion, music, movies, technology, and pop culture than to surround oneself with dozens of young people for hours every day. Even teachers who are closing in on retirement often know more about what is going on in youth culture than people half their age who spend no time around young people. Although children can definitely be tiring, they also have a way of helping a person stay young at heart.

    • There are few jobs in the world were a person has the level of personal freedom that they do in a classroom. Of course there are rules and regulations that must be followed, but a teacher is, in the end, responsible for what goes on in his or her classroom each day. They get to decide how to approach a subject and how best to get the information across to their students. While teachers are answerable to administrators, parents, and themselves, they also have a level of autonomy that is not provided by many jobs.

    • One of the most profound benefits to being a teacher, especially for individuals with children of their own, is the fact that it is perhaps the one career that is the most conducive to family life. Because teachers spend their time with students, they have virtually the same schedule as children. Of course, teachers do spend more time at school than their students but they are still home for the majority of the time that their children are at home. This makes teaching one of the best careers for individuals interested in having a family of their own.

    • Along the lines of having a similar schedule to schoolchildren, there is also the fact that most teachers have summers off. A teacher can either get a job during the summertime to help supplement their income or simply enjoy some rest and relaxation during the nicest time of the year. Teachers also get breaks during the winter holidays and often get a week or more off during the springtime. This provides teachers with the opportunity to recharge before heading back into the classroom. While not all teachers see this benefit, the vast majority of school districts provide their teaching staff with plenty of time off.

    • Perhaps the most important benefit to being a teacher is the fact that teachers are profoundly responsible for shaping the hearts and minds of today's youth. It may seem clich´┐Ż, but it is true that teachers play a huge role in affecting the future of not only their students but the world as a whole. Aside from their parents, the adults that have the biggest influence on children are their teachers. This is a huge responsibility but also something that teachers can take pride in since they are able to have a positive impact for years to come.