7 Reasons People May Love Teaching

7 Reasons People May Love Teaching

When it comes to careers that are as rewarding as they are challenging, there is little doubt that being a teacher ranks somewhere near the top of the list. Teachers are tasked with the duty of helping their students become the very best that they can be. This often requires long hours for low pay and individuals that are not teachers may wonder how these educators are able to give so much of themselves on such a consistent basis. Here are seven reasons why people love teaching:

    • At the top of the list for just about any teacher is the fact that they are able to help the children that they teach to become their best. This may mean helping a gifted child uncovered new challenges or giving a little extra help to a student who was struggling. Teachers understand that no two children are alike and helping these kids achieve their potential requires a unique approach each and every time.

    • Children are naturally inquisitive and curious creatures. Even a teacher who is been in the classroom for decades will be surprised by each new class of students that he or she encounters. These young individuals have a unique way of looking at the world which encourages teachers to find new ways of presenting the material. The natural desire of students to learn more is often the driving force behind some of the most successful teachers in the business.

    • Although it can be difficult and trying, a teacher's job is never boring. There are constantly new challenges that force them to reinvent the way that they approach the material, the students, and even their coworkers. Every year, a teacher is faced with dozens, possibly hundreds, of new people to get to know, meaning that no two school years are ever the same. This constant change brings fresh experiences all the time.

    • The feeling that a teacher has way student finally "gets it" is almost indescribable. Certain subjects in school are simply more difficult to teach to certain students and there is a feeling of accomplishment every time a light bulb turns on for a student. When a student grasps the material, a teacher knows that he or she has done their job and brought a new way of looking at the world into the lives of their students.

    • There is a level of honest feedback the teacher receives from his or her students that is unlike any other workplace in the world. Children have a difficult time hiding their feelings and they provide an excellent and on filtered level of feedback to a teacher when it comes to how they are doing their job. The look on the faces in a classroom can tell a teacher all they need to know about how they are presenting the material and whether or not they are really getting through to the kids. Many teachers thrive on this type of on bridal honesty.

    • Teachers that are really passionate about the material that they are presenting get a thrill from helping their students see a subject the way that they do. This passion for teaching is why so many educators got into the business in the first place. Sharing their knowledge brings a level of joy and fulfillment that no other job could match. This also drives teachers to continue their own education so that they always have the qualifications necessary to provide their students with the latest and most up-to-date information.

    • The appreciation that a teacher gets from former students is what really makes the job worthwhile. Every teacher loves to hear from students that have long since moved on to college or their professional career. Finding out what a difference they made in the lives of their students gives teachers the zeal to keep doing what they do best. When a former student stops by or drops a line to let a teacher know how important they were, it really does make all of the hard work worthwhile.